Friday, May 2, 2014

Journey to the Center of my World - Losing 100 Pounds

Hey guys, It's been a while eh?

I've been really in and out of the hobby but I had a really strong feeling I should start posting more regularly. I was talking to William from Foul Bunt on twitter and I remembered the blog.  I've been going through some life changes recently. In October I started a diet with the goal to lose 20-30 pounds. Here I am and I've lost 100. The whole thing started after a couple of consecutive days at work I was feeling bad.  My first step was to ditch soft drinks. The first week was kinda hectic but after that 7 day mark it was fairly easy. Once I started feeling better and lost a little weight I changed my diet up and started becoming more active. In January I was sitting at 255 while I went to Gwinnett for UFC Fight Night 35, I thought long and hard and said you know what I'm going for 215. A goal I reached April 18th. I know it's cliche but its been a very positive change for me and my life. I can actually find clothes that fit online etc (Once you pass 2XL it's very hard to get most shirts in your size for you skinny folk out there). I feel better about myself and I've regained my lust for life and adventure since I feel so much better!  Bottom line I'm not fitness guru or anything but this was one of the best decisions I've made in my life so I hope you don't mind me discussing it.

Back to the hobby side of things. I've collected but mainly MMA Cards and a few odds and ends in baseball/racing etc. I've also started collecting Ramones Memorabilia. I'm going to TRY to keep you guys up to date on what I have coming in and trades I make. I hope to become an active member of the blogging community again. I currently don't have a scanner but I should be getting one very soon. As far as things on the horizon I'm going to UFC 173 in a few weeks then heading back to Vegas in July for Fan Expo week UFC 175/ TUF 19 Finale.  My first time's going to Vegas I'm bringing 8x10's , Gloves and anything else I can get signed hopefully I'll have a very big bounty to show off. On the card side of things I have a box of 2013 Heritage Minors that I'm going to review that should be up in the next 2 days (It's suppose to be here tomorrow). I really like that product. In another post I should have up soon I'll be showing off some pulls from 2014 Bowman which I'm really digging this year!

I wish I could put something a little more exciting for this "Return" post but I'm about to head off and grab some dinner and watch Bellator.

Thank you for reading, Stay Safe


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Don't Stop Believin'

Okay before you read to much into the title not this isn't a post about my love of the band Journey.  I know it's been quite a while since I've graced the sports card blogging world. Since my last post I've found a job , had a change of heart and have been fairly busy.  It's not that I haven't wanted to but I've just not been motivated or taken the time to do a write up.  Well today I figured I might as well catch up.  For a while I use to be into sending out TTM Request I haven't sent one in around 3 years so I was quite shocked when I saw a small envelope featuring my sloppy handwriting. I honestly couldn't imagine who it was from  "Charlotte, NC" was stamped on it.  I thought maybe an AHL player in the Carolina Hurricanes system... then I remembered the Charlotte Checkers weren't even an AHL team 3 years ago.  Maybe a NASCAR driver?

I was shocked to actually get this back. Greg Biffle is one of my favorites I've followed his career since his rookie year in the then Busch Series. After the initial shock wore off I wanted to know how long had it actually been?

1072 Days, It's weird to think how much has changed since. I sent that TTM.     
  • Osama Bin Laden was killed- May 2nd 2011
  • Johnstown Chiefs announce  relocation  to my hometown of Greenville SC- April, 2010 
  • My favorite NHL Team the Atlanta Thrashers relocate to Winnipeg ,Manitoba- June 2011
  • 14 No Hitters(including perfect games) have been pitched in the MLB 
  • 6 Members of the local 2009 Greenville Drive Single A team have made their MLB Debut
  • R.E.M Broke up - September 2011
  • Lebron James leaves Cleveland and joins Miami Heat , Wins championship 
That was just a few things that have happen I know I'm missing some important ones.  Regardless the main message I'm trying to get across is never lose hope in your TTM Request because when you least expect it you'll get one in the mail

Thursday, March 15, 2012

HOF Auto and the Best of the Rest!

Hey guys sorry for my long overdue post. I've just busy with some work around the house and job searching so I haven't had a ton of free time but I finally figured I needed to post! I will not waste your time and go straight into the cardboard!

First we'll start off with this from my Local Greenville Road Warriors
Francis Meilleur, Jeremy Gouchie (one of the best names in hockey) 08-09 Cape Breton Screaming Eagles cards.  These 2 QMJHL graduates are in their first season of professional hockey!

This last Road Warriors card is Finnish defender Jyri Niemi a Islanders Draft Pick (oddly the only player ever to be traded from Long Island to the Rangers , who currently hold his rights) I love this card design from 08-09 Saskatoon Blades.

This blog will mainly feature Baseball cards but I hope the occasional Hockey Card does not offend. Sadly the Road Warriors do not issue out Card sets so I have to pick up the players past cards but it's fun the team issue stuff can be quite the chase I have a lot of fun with it!

This Sepia Refractor(75/99) of Zach Britton was just a card I picked up on E-bay loved the look!  William from Foul Bunt has first dibs if he want's the card if not I might keep it.  
I found this card on E-bay for a solid deal from the new 2011 Bowman Prospects. Orange Refractor 11/25!  To be honest with you I don't know a ton about Nick DeSantiago but for the price I figured it was worth it. After some research he was drafted out of JUCO and is not projected as a big time player but does have some potential!  This is going directly into my Braves PC!

I was extremely happy to acquire this card. Actually my 2nd Rizzo auto but my first solo auto (the other is a dual auto with Daivd Mailman)  These Finest cards are the cream of the crop as far as looks I am tempted to do the set maybe if I find consistent employment I might go for it!  Rizzo played here with the Drive when he was Red Sox property one of my favorite players to come through here! Bizarrely he was traded for the 2nd time this Winter to the Chicago Cubs. I think this guys potential is off the charts in 2 or 3 years I think he's a top tier first baseman!  This card is a refactor version #d  220/499

And last but not least.....
HOFer Lou Brock!

I finally picked up my Lou Brock auto. I've always wanted his autograph he was way before my time but I've always really liked to see footage and photos of him playing.  I had another card in my cross hair it was a Panini Hard Signed autographed card. I am not the biggest fan of sticker autos but the fact that this card featured Cardinals Logos (unlike the Panini) and was roughly 60% cheaper. I went with this one! Very happy I did.

Well that's all folks just a few more things. I should have a  Back To the Binder! post within the next week. Is there anything else you'd like to see me post?  I have my ideas but I find it better when other people join me and we can create something awesome!   Thanks for Reading! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blogger Mail and Shiny Happy Cards!

Well sorry for the delay folks. I've been very busy with Hockey Games, Yard work and Job searching so I've found my free time to be very erratic. I have had some money with Taxes coming in and selling some things online. I've made a few purchases so let's go right in. I didn't even plan this but I Guess I'm a sucker for Refractors as every card is Shiny! This first 3 card Lot was purchased off Sports Card Forum
Starlin Castro RC Blue Refractor 194/199, Players I like PC
Brett Gardner Xfractor RC 155/199 , South Carolina PC
Lars Anderson RC Refractor Auto 341/500, Greenville Drive PC I try not to buy a lot of random cards like the Castro but That kid just tears me up , Super fun to watch! The next two were E-Bay wins!
Cory Gearrin RC Gold Refractor 29/50 I think he has some potential in the bullpen! , Braves PC
Jerry Sands Bowman Finest Refractor 75/99 This guy played in 2006 with our local and sadly defunct Spartanburg Stingers. I always loved the regular Bowman Finest inserts the refactor looks so good in person, but does not scan awfully well. I am a big Jerry Sands fan and will probably collect more of him! Last but def not least was a great package/trade with William from Foul Bunt and his son!
They were kind enough to include a lot of Braves and Napoli cards that will go to my Braves Binder. I really appreciate it and I heard that it was one of his son's first trades So I'm honored for that. I am currently almost finished looking through my stacks and stacks and binders of cards and your end will be out tomorrow! I find it awesome how many bloggers I've been able to connect with so far! I'm looking forward to many more trades!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Daytona 500

In honor of the Daytona 500. I will post one of my favorite cards.

(The white looking area is actually a florescent orange color it doesn't scan well)

Enjoy the 500 if you're a racing fan if not enjoy the rest of your weekend.  I should be back this week with some mail and some other post. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to the Binder!

Well I was thinking as a Bowman Fanatic. I have Binders, Piles, Stacks, miniature Skyscrapers of old Bowman Cards. Some of these guys make the majors and become well known MLB Superstars. Some get lost in Minor League purgatory before getting released. This "Back to the Binder" section will mainly focus on the latter. Each segment I will randomly chose 3 from my bowman stock pile and just take a look at the player in depth.
Card #1 2006 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects #DP22 Patrick Bresnehan Team- Pirates Position- Pitcher Drafted- 2006 ,5th Round Professional Years Active 2006-2010 Fun Fact- Totally looks like he's wearing a white glove on this card! The Danbury Connecticut native was drafted out of Arizona State in 2006 and Jumped into professional ball that same year. 2006 he played with Williamsport of the NY Penn League. Appearing in 15 games , starting 10 games he had a respectable 2.25 ERA to finish his first taste of professional ball. 2007 Pat mainly played in with Lynchburg in the Carolina League while also appearing in 3 games with the AA Altoona Curve. That year he did not start any games and was a relief pitcher , finishing 17 games with a rising ERA of 4.21 combined over his two stops in the Pirates System. In 2008 Bresnehan played again for the AA Altoona Curve. Pitching 50.1 Innings , finishing 21 of his 38 games played. Sadly in the spring of 2009 the Pirates released Pat. From my research it appears Patrick had Tommy John in 2009 and signed a contract with the Mariners in 2010 before being released in extending spring training. Later that season Pat appeared for two independent teams the Pittsfield Colonials and Bridgeport Blue Fish. In 17.2 Innings he had a 3-2 record with a 5.09 ERA. It looks like Pat's career is over. As he did not register any stats in 2011.(as far as I can tell)
Card #2 2006 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects #DP23 Chad Lee Team- Athletics Position- Pitcher Drafted- 2006 ,4th Round Professional Years Active 2006-2010 Fun Fact-Currently Pitching coach at Emporia State Chad Lee, Oklahoma City native was taken out of Barton County Community College in Kansas. Jumped into the Pro Ranks right after he was drafted playing with the Vancouver Canadians of the Northwest League. Starting 10 games for Vancouver , Lee ended up with a 3-2 record and a 4.29 ERA. Lee's 2007 would be a complete wash as injury claimed his entire 2007 campaign(I can't find the exact injury). Lee would return in 2008 pitching 9.1 innings between the Arizona League League A's and Vancouver. He posted a 6.75 combined ERA that season. 2009 Lee would again return to Vancouver and also play with Kane County in the Midwest League. His ERA shrunk to a combined 2.52 in his 25 innings pitched. Even with the improved ERA. This would be Lee's last season in the Athletics System, As injuries abbreviated his career. Lee Currently coaches with Emporia State University in Kansas as well as in the Northwoods League with the Wisconsin Rapids Rafters.
Card #3 2006 Bowman Heritage #BHP26 Steve Garrabrants Team- Diamondbacks Position- IF, OF Drafted- 2003 ,9th Round Professional Years Active 2003-2008 Fun Fact-Was featured in the 2007 Series "Playing for Peanuts" Garrabrants is actually the 2nd player to attend Arizona State featured in this post. I personally hated this set. The names were only on the back and they had different shade variations which Topps messed up making them almost unnoticeable and very confusing. Steve joined the Yakima Bears after getting drafted by Arizona. His first pro season he batted .276 with a Career high 30 stolen bases. In 2005 he had a yo-yo season bouncing between A+ Lancaster, AA El Paso and AAA Tucson. Spending most of the year in Lancaster he compiled for a combined .271 Average. 2005 would be a change of pace as he stayed on the Lancaster Jethawks hitting a solid .318 with 58 RBIs in 95 games. 2006 he would spend the entire season with AA Tennessee where he would play a career high 104 games. His batting average suffered as it went down to .220. The following season 2007 would be an interesting one as he was released by Arizona before the season started. Steve would join the Albany Peanuts and reunite with his former Manager Wally Backman. This season was featured on a TV Series called "Playing for Peanuts".(This is an awesome show, Youtube it!) He tore up the South Coast League with a .346 Batting Average and 32 RBIs in 31 games. During the season he was signed by Boston and joined the Lancaster Jethawks for another stint this time under the Red Sox affiliation. He put up a .288 Batting average in 37 games. He wasn't brought back for the 2008 season in which he spent with Wally Backman again with the Joliet Jack Hammers where he batted .304. That would be the last year playing baseball.

I hope  people enjoy this segment. I hope to do it maybe biweekly. Please let me hear your feedback!