Friday, May 2, 2014

Journey to the Center of my World - Losing 100 Pounds

Hey guys, It's been a while eh?

I've been really in and out of the hobby but I had a really strong feeling I should start posting more regularly. I was talking to William from Foul Bunt on twitter and I remembered the blog.  I've been going through some life changes recently. In October I started a diet with the goal to lose 20-30 pounds. Here I am and I've lost 100. The whole thing started after a couple of consecutive days at work I was feeling bad.  My first step was to ditch soft drinks. The first week was kinda hectic but after that 7 day mark it was fairly easy. Once I started feeling better and lost a little weight I changed my diet up and started becoming more active. In January I was sitting at 255 while I went to Gwinnett for UFC Fight Night 35, I thought long and hard and said you know what I'm going for 215. A goal I reached April 18th. I know it's cliche but its been a very positive change for me and my life. I can actually find clothes that fit online etc (Once you pass 2XL it's very hard to get most shirts in your size for you skinny folk out there). I feel better about myself and I've regained my lust for life and adventure since I feel so much better!  Bottom line I'm not fitness guru or anything but this was one of the best decisions I've made in my life so I hope you don't mind me discussing it.

Back to the hobby side of things. I've collected but mainly MMA Cards and a few odds and ends in baseball/racing etc. I've also started collecting Ramones Memorabilia. I'm going to TRY to keep you guys up to date on what I have coming in and trades I make. I hope to become an active member of the blogging community again. I currently don't have a scanner but I should be getting one very soon. As far as things on the horizon I'm going to UFC 173 in a few weeks then heading back to Vegas in July for Fan Expo week UFC 175/ TUF 19 Finale.  My first time's going to Vegas I'm bringing 8x10's , Gloves and anything else I can get signed hopefully I'll have a very big bounty to show off. On the card side of things I have a box of 2013 Heritage Minors that I'm going to review that should be up in the next 2 days (It's suppose to be here tomorrow). I really like that product. In another post I should have up soon I'll be showing off some pulls from 2014 Bowman which I'm really digging this year!

I wish I could put something a little more exciting for this "Return" post but I'm about to head off and grab some dinner and watch Bellator.

Thank you for reading, Stay Safe