Sunday, February 26, 2012

Daytona 500

In honor of the Daytona 500. I will post one of my favorite cards.

(The white looking area is actually a florescent orange color it doesn't scan well)

Enjoy the 500 if you're a racing fan if not enjoy the rest of your weekend.  I should be back this week with some mail and some other post. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to the Binder!

Well I was thinking as a Bowman Fanatic. I have Binders, Piles, Stacks, miniature Skyscrapers of old Bowman Cards. Some of these guys make the majors and become well known MLB Superstars. Some get lost in Minor League purgatory before getting released. This "Back to the Binder" section will mainly focus on the latter. Each segment I will randomly chose 3 from my bowman stock pile and just take a look at the player in depth.
Card #1 2006 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects #DP22 Patrick Bresnehan Team- Pirates Position- Pitcher Drafted- 2006 ,5th Round Professional Years Active 2006-2010 Fun Fact- Totally looks like he's wearing a white glove on this card! The Danbury Connecticut native was drafted out of Arizona State in 2006 and Jumped into professional ball that same year. 2006 he played with Williamsport of the NY Penn League. Appearing in 15 games , starting 10 games he had a respectable 2.25 ERA to finish his first taste of professional ball. 2007 Pat mainly played in with Lynchburg in the Carolina League while also appearing in 3 games with the AA Altoona Curve. That year he did not start any games and was a relief pitcher , finishing 17 games with a rising ERA of 4.21 combined over his two stops in the Pirates System. In 2008 Bresnehan played again for the AA Altoona Curve. Pitching 50.1 Innings , finishing 21 of his 38 games played. Sadly in the spring of 2009 the Pirates released Pat. From my research it appears Patrick had Tommy John in 2009 and signed a contract with the Mariners in 2010 before being released in extending spring training. Later that season Pat appeared for two independent teams the Pittsfield Colonials and Bridgeport Blue Fish. In 17.2 Innings he had a 3-2 record with a 5.09 ERA. It looks like Pat's career is over. As he did not register any stats in 2011.(as far as I can tell)
Card #2 2006 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects #DP23 Chad Lee Team- Athletics Position- Pitcher Drafted- 2006 ,4th Round Professional Years Active 2006-2010 Fun Fact-Currently Pitching coach at Emporia State Chad Lee, Oklahoma City native was taken out of Barton County Community College in Kansas. Jumped into the Pro Ranks right after he was drafted playing with the Vancouver Canadians of the Northwest League. Starting 10 games for Vancouver , Lee ended up with a 3-2 record and a 4.29 ERA. Lee's 2007 would be a complete wash as injury claimed his entire 2007 campaign(I can't find the exact injury). Lee would return in 2008 pitching 9.1 innings between the Arizona League League A's and Vancouver. He posted a 6.75 combined ERA that season. 2009 Lee would again return to Vancouver and also play with Kane County in the Midwest League. His ERA shrunk to a combined 2.52 in his 25 innings pitched. Even with the improved ERA. This would be Lee's last season in the Athletics System, As injuries abbreviated his career. Lee Currently coaches with Emporia State University in Kansas as well as in the Northwoods League with the Wisconsin Rapids Rafters.
Card #3 2006 Bowman Heritage #BHP26 Steve Garrabrants Team- Diamondbacks Position- IF, OF Drafted- 2003 ,9th Round Professional Years Active 2003-2008 Fun Fact-Was featured in the 2007 Series "Playing for Peanuts" Garrabrants is actually the 2nd player to attend Arizona State featured in this post. I personally hated this set. The names were only on the back and they had different shade variations which Topps messed up making them almost unnoticeable and very confusing. Steve joined the Yakima Bears after getting drafted by Arizona. His first pro season he batted .276 with a Career high 30 stolen bases. In 2005 he had a yo-yo season bouncing between A+ Lancaster, AA El Paso and AAA Tucson. Spending most of the year in Lancaster he compiled for a combined .271 Average. 2005 would be a change of pace as he stayed on the Lancaster Jethawks hitting a solid .318 with 58 RBIs in 95 games. 2006 he would spend the entire season with AA Tennessee where he would play a career high 104 games. His batting average suffered as it went down to .220. The following season 2007 would be an interesting one as he was released by Arizona before the season started. Steve would join the Albany Peanuts and reunite with his former Manager Wally Backman. This season was featured on a TV Series called "Playing for Peanuts".(This is an awesome show, Youtube it!) He tore up the South Coast League with a .346 Batting Average and 32 RBIs in 31 games. During the season he was signed by Boston and joined the Lancaster Jethawks for another stint this time under the Red Sox affiliation. He put up a .288 Batting average in 37 games. He wasn't brought back for the 2008 season in which he spent with Wally Backman again with the Joliet Jack Hammers where he batted .304. That would be the last year playing baseball.

I hope  people enjoy this segment. I hope to do it maybe biweekly. Please let me hear your feedback!  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello 2012!

Well I finally broke down and busted some 2012 Topps Series 1. After the Road Warriors game tonight (Which they won 6-3!), I had to stop by Wal-Mart to get some late night groceries. After debating I went to the card isle. Completely disorganized but I did saw a box of 2012 Topps. I figured Pack Feelers probably already searched it over well. I was tempted to buy a Bowman Rack Pack but I decided against ti and went with 2 packs of the Topps! The lone PC Hit
I guess this is the 2012 version of the Diamond Giveaway!,Suck it pack searchers I'm going to win a Ichiro Gold 1/1...
Or just a digital Yankees Team logo coin... whatever that is? A couple of inserts
I also got one A golden Greats of Joe DiMaggio And the last card from pack 2 the Gem of the Break
That card made me happy. I know in the grand scheme this is probably a $0.50-$2.00 sell card if that. Baseball unlike Hockey where a lot of the Rookie Cards are actually worth some cash. The Young Guns of the hottest starts can reach $80-100 at their peak and even solid rookie can fetch $15.00-$20. That being said I guess it's just cool to me pulling one of the projected top rookies for this year. Also I collect rookies! My overall review of this product based on my two packs. Great Photography as usual. The Golden thing is a little gimmicky but it's not too bad. I love the simplicity yet highly collect-ability of this product! If anyone is doing the set and needs some of them let me know I'll see what I have and if you're interested in any of the cards above just comment and I'll put them in your pile!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My first and last Hot Pack, Braves Orange Chromie

We'll I've been against pack searching since day one. I'm even more now since my two local card shops closed down and I'm pretty much forced to buy retail unless I go on one of my rare online box shopping spells. I know this only supports the notion that pack searching is okay but, curiosity got the best of me. I purchased a 2010 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects hot Pack only because it was $6 and I mistakenly thought it was only autographs ,no relics I was wrong! The seller poetically wrote GU in pen on the pack. Ugh regardless I was dumb for buying the pack but I will show you what I got

Two PC Braves not bad for one pack

The Hits, Non #d refractor and the Okey is out of /949 Both for trade

The one card I got in the mail with the hot pack made me feel a lot better. This Orange Chromie of Chase Fontaine 1/25

If you don't know him don't feel bad he's a former second round draft pick I started collecting a while back. He's been out of affiliated baseball for a few years after stints with Tampa Bay and Kansas City Farm teams. I think he's still playing Indy ball. Even though he's gone from the Braves I still wanna complete this rainbow

.. Maybe One Day!

Introduction , How a Darwin Barney foul ball is a priceless memory.

I couldn't really find a way to add a good introduction to my life, blog and general collecting life. I figured this would be a good way to debut my blog, Enjoy!

Growing up in Greer, South Carolina, I was exposed to sports as a young age my sister 7 years my senior played softball in the spring, summer and sometimes in the fall. Around the age of 6 I discovered my first "sports" related love Professional Wrestling. Yes I know it's not a sport but "Sports Entertainment" is the correct term. A year or so later I started playing basketball and coaches pitch baseball. That lasted a few years but I wasn't sucked in a lot of my friends loved sports and I kind of grew out of it quick. I think a big factor was in Forth grade the new craze Pokemon Cards. Soon my sports idols Cal Ripken Jr, Jeff Bagwell, Grant Hill, Mark Brunell went to the way side replaced by Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon merchandise. My parents who coached my sisters softball teams didn't want to force me into sports. They could tell at that age I didn't care about sports. Fast forward to 2001 I was dragged back into the sporting world by attending the Coca Cola 600 NASCAR Race. Some may argue if this is a sport but to me it is. I didn't care about the Race at all but by the 600th mile I was hooked. Funny how life works, For the next few years I was hopelessly hooked on Auto Racing. Soon as my passion for Auto Racing was at its peak I started watching other sports, Basketball, Football and even Hockey. Since the age of 14 or so I've been hooked on sports. One sport I never really got back into was Baseball I watched the World Series but I never really regained my passion for it that I once had. I can never blame this but I believe my sisters softball career had a big factor in it. Growing up year round I was at the fields. I guess doing that all the time I kind of got tired of the sport really quick. In retrospect I'm totally glad she got to play for so long. I also have a great deal of memories of playing in the playgrounds and with other kids as the games would go on that I'll be able to keep forever. To get to the point of the story in 2006 I went to a College Baseball game (Kansas @ Clemson) with my Youth Group. I was instantly drawn back to the sport. At that time I probably haven't attended an actual game outside of my sisters in 9 years. I was totally into baseball again. I loved it that year I attended my first MLB game (Toronto @ Atlanta). That was also a great year for Greenville as the new field opened in downtown that host our local minor league team. That summer July 26th 2006 a Wednesday night I attended my first game at our new stadium. It was the USA National Collegiate team taking on the Japanese Collegiate team. Even though my father and mother were always supporting me in whatever I was doing. I never had one of those maybe fantasy-esque father son baseball moments. You know the ones you hear about in movies. That night I believe int he 2nd inning(my memory is a little fuzzy) Oregon State player Darwin Barney (who was one of the few players I would know because of his College World Series performance and the unique name) fouled off a pitch. The Ball collided off the top of the beams in the stadium and bounced back off the steps and right into where we were sitting. My dad scooped it up mid air and that to this day is the only ball I've ever caught at a game (I have quite a book of near grabs but I'll write about that the other day, and yes he caught it but I was going to if he didn't so I say it's half my catch ). In the grand scheme of things that ball is probably worthless monetary wise but I'll always have that memory. That moment connecting father , son and a kids game that I love. Even since then I've at times gotten away from the sport at times. That is why this ball hit by Darwin Barney is probably one of my favorite things in my collection.

The Ticket Stub and a Card of Darwin Barney

The ball that won't be leaving my collection!